With proven expertise in electronic litigation support, H&A eDiscovery is dedicated to helping legal professionals strategically identify, capture, review and produce all forms of digital evidence.

Data collection can be a difficult process. H&A experts will formulate and implement collection and analysis strategies with defensible audit trails and minimal business interruption. H&A can also assist your clients with defensible self-collection and consultation.

Identification, Preservation & Collection

Given H&A’s significant experience in planning and executing hundreds of collections, our technical experts work with our clients to ensure:

  • Efficient, non-invasive data collection and retrieval from virtually any hardware and electronic media source, including networks, email and file servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices (BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) and thumb drives
  • Effective strategies and optimal processes are implemented to avoid over-collection and irrelevant data collections
  • Collection and reconstruction of data from almost any format including emails (Microsoft and Lotus Notes), documents, databases, backup tapes, hard drives and SharePoint
Data Processing and Filtering

H&A offers software and native file processing services to:

  • Provide your legal team with the most appropriate solution
  • Reduce the volume of captured data through de-duplication, culling and filtering prior to initiating the review process
  • Permit review in the original native form to avoid the time and expense of converting to TIFF images
Canadian Data Hosting
  • All data is hosted and stored on devices in a secure data centre located in Ontario, Canada, featuring outside air cooling capability to maximize energy efficiency, biometric security systems, multiple connections to the Internet, redundant power, redundant cooling and advanced fire detection and suppression systems.
  • H&A’s clients have 100 percent, SLA-backed uptime guarantees on both power and network availability.
Professional Consulting / Project Management

Decisions made prior to the start of data collection can have a tremendous impact on litigation success and costs. H&A eDiscovery experts work with legal teams and IT departments to:

  • Develop comprehensive, defensible and cost efficient plans to effectively capture and preserve case information, whether paper or electronic.
  • Bring valuable perspectives and best practice strategies to the project planning and management process.
  • Develop a case specific document review strategy. Our project managers work with counsel to develop customized coding templates and Assignments with customized validation criteria to highlight specific issues and channel the efforts of the first level review team.
Data Review & Production

Document review is still the most expensive phase of the eDiscovery process. H&A’s eDiscovery specialists recommend solutions that leverage the review and case management functionalities of its review platforms, Ringtail and Relativity, including the ability for clients to:

  • Log in from anywhere there is internet access to analyze, review and categorize their data collections.
  • Dramatically reduce document review and analysis time by integrating powerful, leading edge technologies with an intuitive web-based Windows-style interfaces.
  • Use FTI Technology’s Managed Review Services with Canadian based and qualified lawyers. H&A also has experience working with several other document review agencies.
  • H&A can provide load files for all electronic discovery platforms, including native, TIFF, or paper productions.

Providing legal teams and their clients and consultants with a highly secure environment for legal review and collaboration using the top tier platforms

Data Hosting
  • The H&A web-based managed data hosting environment resides in a highly secure data centre located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Document review access through the internet is via a unique User ID, and is password protected and encrypted.
  • Multiple power sources and redundant internet connections providing 100% power availability and connectivity.

Review Platforms
  • Top two review platforms (Ringtail and Relativity) allow law firms to efficiently manage document review in a wide variety of disputes and investigations through refined methodologies and advanced analytics
  • Both legal counsel and their clients have a secure online collaborative environment for legal review
  • Litigation privilege and relevancy review
  • Issue, subject, and hot document coding

Platform capabilities
  • Foreign language translation and OCR
  • Multilingual search and display
  • TIFF-on-the-Fly capability
  • Full redaction, highlighting, and annotation

Professional Support
  • Predictive coding assistance
  • Extensive reporting
  • 24x7x365 support

  • Accurate, on-time production of data in multiple formats, including detailed Quality Control checking
  • Native, TIFF, or mixed mode productions
  • Bates numbering and endorsements


H&A offers Ringtail or Relativity Managed Services to those law firms which have the people and technical expertise to manage complex eDiscovery projects internally.

Ringtail or Relativity Managed Services are offered as a customizable fixed-fee and/or unit-fee based outsourcing model that embeds our professional expertise, technology and regularly upgraded software into our clients’ discovery process.

  • Law firms can begin using Ringtail or Relativity without having to install any hardware simply by accessing it via a Web browser
  • Clients will always have access to the latest released version of Ringtail or Relativity through seamless upgrades

Reduced Costs
  • Eliminate capital expenditures of procuring, installing and managing rapidly depreciating hardware
  • Avoid hidden costs for troubleshooting server and storage issues

Data Security
  • The Ringtail and Relativity hosting environments are located at a highly secure data centre, with biometric access controls
  • Primary data server and real-time backup within the data centre
  • Backup copy of raw data held at a separate secure location

Customizable Infrastructure Options
  • Options to customize infrastructure, including entirely dedicated infrastructure, shared infrastructure with logically segregated data, or hybrid options
  • Infrastructure determines level of administrative control and data segregation, including the ability to upload processed data directly into Ringtail or Relativity
  • Content and function access customizable on a user-by-user basis
  • Managed Services offers each client a logically separated environment to ensure that data is private and secure

Additional H&A Services for Managed Services Options
  • Construction and configuration of selected infrastructure
  • Mirroring SQL servers to provide optimal fault tolerances and load balancing web servers to ensure availability and scalability
  • Monitoring systems track enterprise system availability, system health and backup status
  • Archiving and restoration of data, as required
  • Clients will have access to 24x7x365 technical support
  • Customized training for Ringtail and Relativity
  • Analytics and workflow consulting

H&A’s Computer Forensics team combines highly technical skills and experience in computer technology and software, law enforcement investigation, forensic accounting, evidence handling and expert testimony in a unique service offering designed to quickly and efficiently respond to critical computer forensic requests.

  • Our forensic professionals often call on their extensive investigative training and experience to identify tampered document records or determine the history, authentication or origin of electronic documents.

  • Every H&A computer forensics report is subjected to peer review to ensure that they are jargon-free and easily understood.

Expert Testimony
  • Our extensive court experience enables us to structure our findings, presentations and expert testimony to best help judge, jury and counsel review the electronic evidence.

Recovery of Deleted Files
  • Our Computer Forensic specialists are frequently called on to recover emails, deleted and temporary files and older versions of altered files from hard drives, mobile devices, networks and backup tapes.

Password Protected or Encrypted Files
  • Advanced technologies and processing capabilities are utilized to break through even the most complex forms of encryption and password protection.

Mobile devices and tablets are ubiquitous and the digital evidence contained therein can be compelling and break a case wide open. The increasing use of mobile devices such as cell phones and iPads to conduct business creates numerous new eDiscovery and computer forensic issues. The ability to decode and analyze the contents of mobile devices is a rapidly evolving area and a necessity in any litigation.

Social media, webmail, website data and YouTube videos are more frequently becoming relevant in criminal and civil litigation and bring their own challenges to the eDiscovery process.

Advanced Mobile Forensics
  • H&A utilizes the most powerful and technologically advanced mobile forensic applications for use in the field or in its computer forensics laboratories.
  • H&A has the ability to perform extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting of mobile data.
  • H&A has the ability to retrieve data via logical (”what you see is what you get”), file system (directories and files), or physical extractions (i.e. a bit-for-bit copy of a mobile device’s entire storage).
  • We can perform physical, logical, file system and password extraction of all data (even if deleted) from virtually any device
  • H&A is able to obtain existing and deleted data: apps, passwords, emails, call history, SMS, contacts, calendar, web history, images, media files, geotags, location information, GPS fixes etc., including obtaining email data from iPhone and iPad devices without altering the security on the mobile device
  • H&A’s Forensics and eDiscovery professionals approach every engagement with strict adherence to forensic procedures to ensure evidence integrity for court submission. Our findings, presentations and expert testimony are structured to best help judge, jury and counsel review the electronic evidence.

Social Media Forensics and Web Collections

Each month, social media users create billions of pieces of content. These content artifacts could reveal information about user profiles, postings, messages, status updates, wall comments, groups joined, activity streams, blog entries and uploaded pictures

  • H&A computer forensic specialists are able to collect and index data from sources such as websites, webmail connectors, direct web navigation and social media streams without the need to collaborate with the social media operator.
  • Using best of breed social media forensic technologies, H&A is able to provide its clients with the ability to:
    • preview ingested content
    • perform keyword searches of the collected metadata and content and view the highlighted search terms
    • perform multi-page web crawls or individual web page captures
    • capture entire YouTube video content including the associated metadata
  • H&A experts will formulate and implement collection and analysis strategies that will ensure authentication and establish proper chain of custody and defensible audit trails.

While the quantity and relevance of electronic data in the discovery process is growing exponentially, paper documents are still an important aspect of many cases. H&A’s scanning and coding services provide our clients with the ability to have both electronic and paper evidence processed in one secure location.

Unitization, Scanning & OCR
  • Utilizing the latest high-speed scanning and OCR technology, and optionally, Ringtail or Relativity hosting and review platforms, H&A can customize paper discovery projects to meet any specification, including integration with other electronic data.
  • H&A’s paper discovery services are located in our secure Toronto eDiscovery Centre. Paper documents do not leave H&A’s premises without the client’s knowledge and authorization.

  • H&A’s coding specialists work with counsel to develop and implement a case specific objective coding protocol

Conceptual Analysis
  • Assigning coding parameters to scanned documents is the most labour intensive aspect of paper discovery. Using Ringtail or Relativity to review and eliminate non-relevant OCR output before it is coded can drastically reduce the number of documents that require coding, resulting in potential time and cost savings of up to 70%.

Closing Books
  • H&A eDiscovery’s scanning and coding professionals can quickly and accurately create compact, efficient electronic closing books for legal matters.
  • Our closing book CD-ROMs incorporate several unique features designed to provide quick and easy access to individual closing book documents:
    • Browser-style HTML home page provides instant access to the closing book index and its linked PDF documents – no files to open or software to install.
    • Integrated Keyword and Boolean search engine for fast, concurrent search of all closing book documents.