FTI Technology Launches Ringtail Version 9.0

Ringtail 9.0 has more than 200 new and enhanced features designed to improve the speed and efficiency of document review and case management.

Notable features in version 9.0 include:

New case home and productivity dashboards

From gauging the status of review projects to analyzing keyword search terms, Ringtail 9.0’s new dashboards present information that helps reviewers and review managers be more informed and more productive.

Conditional coding with support for custom macros

Powered by a dynamic user interface that presents information in real-time based on reviewers’ inputs, conditional coding delivers an intelligent approach to the coding workflow. Legal teams can create coding macros which give reviewers the accelerator they need to code documents in a much more nuanced and error-free way.

Chat Discovery

Ringtail’s chat and messaging solution gives your team the power to transform indecipherable chat logs into an easy to understand and review set of conversations.

Ringtail’s chat and messaging solution allows you to:
• Cut the noise to create legible chat strings
• Identify Individuals/ organizations with color coding
• Cull for keywords and metadata
• See what chats an individual had access to; see what individuals accessed a chat
• Redact transcripts
• Export transcripts

The Ringtail e-discovery platform supports law firms and corporate legal teams of all sizes that are tasked with managing the complexity and scope of today’s global e-discovery. A full-featured platform, Ringtail software processes and culls data, provides a broad range of tools for data review and coding and empowers users with a comprehensive set of redaction and production tools. Ringtail also features world-class visual analytics, concept clustering, predictive coding and advanced workflows.

For more information about this press release, please visit www.ringtail.com.

Source: ringtail.com

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